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  • Sound books Sound module

    Description:Product model:HXS-00611. OEM colour,sound and appearance.2. Eco-friendly mater

  • Sound Module for Learning Books

    Description:Product model:HXS-00601.OEM colour,sound and appearance.2.Eco-friendly materia

  • Music box for children books

    Product Model:HXS-0055Descriptions:Type: Musical/Recordable/USBComponents: speaker,PCB boa

  • Sound Module for Kids Book

    Description:Product Model:HXS-00371. OEM size,appearance and sound design2. ECO-Friendly m

  • Music bar for animals and Instrument

    Description:Product model:HXS-00051. Customised appearance and sound design.2. Eco-friendl

  • Sound board for learning books

    Descriptions:Product Model:HXS-00591. OEM colour,sound and appearance.2. Eco-friendly mate

  • Sound box for music book

    Description:Product model:HXS-00131. OEM size and appearance and customised sound design.2

  • Squeeze sound box for toy

    Descriptions:Product Model:HXS-00521.Accoring to buyers's requirement,Customized appea

  • Sound module for greeting card

    Description:Product model:HXS-00181. Customized size and sound design.2. Eco-friendly mate

  • Music pad for books about animals

    Descriptions:Product model:HXS-00061. OEM apprearance and Music design.2. Eco-friendly mat

  • 10-button sound bar for music book

    Description:Product model:HXS-00041. OEM appearance and music design.OEM is wellcome.2. Ec

  • Sound box For Kids Book or Education Toy

    Descriptions:Product Model:HXS-00411.OEM appearance and music design.Batteries removable.2

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